Groundwater Monitoring Program

The Borrego Springs Watermaster conducts monitoring programs for groundwater levels and groundwater quality in the Borrego Springs Subbasin (Basin) pursuant to the Stipulated Judgment and the Groundwater Management Plan (GMP). Generally, the main objectives of the monitoring programs are to collect the data necessary to:

  • Demonstrate progress toward meeting the Sustainability Goal of the GMP, which is to ensure that by 2040 the Basin is operated within its Sustainable Yield without causing Undesirable Results. The main Undesirable Results to be avoided are the significant and unreasonable occurrences of the following Sustainability Indicators: chronic lowering of groundwater levels; reductions in groundwater storage; and degradation of groundwater quality.
  • Inform adaptive management of the Basin to achieve the Sustainability Goal.
  • Improve the Borrego Valley Hydrologic Model (BVHM) in a cost-effective manner that offers the most benefit for the resources expended.

In Spring 2023, the Watermaster updated its Groundwater Monitoring Plan, which describes the monitoring objectives, the current monitoring network, frequency of monitoring, constituents monitored, and recommendations for expanding/improving the monitoring programs for both the groundwater-level and groundwater-quality monitoring.

Current Groundwater Monitoring Networks

Groundwater Level Monitoring Network – Fall 2022

As of fall 2022, there are 48 wells in the current groundwater-level monitoring network. Watermaster staff measures depth-to-groundwater at 31 of the 48 wells in the network. Borrego Water District (BWD) staff—the main cooperating monitoring entity—measures depth-to-groundwater at 17 of the 48 wells.

Map and Table of the Current Groundwater Level Monitoring Network (excerpts from Groundwater Monitoring Plan)

Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network – Fall 2022

As of fall 2022, there are 29 wells in the current groundwater-quality monitoring network. Watermaster staff collect grab water quality samples at 20 of the 29 wells in the network. BWD staff—the main cooperating monitoring entity—collects grab water quality samples at 9 of the 29 wells (these are BWD municipal supply wells).

Map and Table of the Current Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network (excerpts from Groundwater Monitoring Plan)

Semi-Annual Monitoring Events

The Watermaster currently conducts groundwater-level and groundwater-quality monitoring events in the Spring and Fall of each water year. The data collected from the monitoring event are compiled into a Semi-Annual Monitoring Report, which is presented to the Watermaster Board. Semi-Annual Monitoring Reports include:

Get Involved! Public Outreach Effort

To expand/improve the Groundwater-Level and Groundwater-Quality Monitoring Programs, the Watermaster has asked the Borrego Springs community to help identify well owners that are willing to allow the Watermaster to monitor their well. The following outreach materials are available to any member of the public who wishes to get involved:

  1. Letter to Request Participation
  2. Potential Participant Information Form
  3. Map of the Current Groundwater Monitoring Network
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
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